740 – Upper Discovery Falls

Accessibility – Moderate+ Bushwhack

Height: Approx 45′

Distance – 3.9 miles into a 5.2 mile loop

Beauty – 4

Photo rating – 6

Solitude – 8

GPS Info: LAT 35.32453 LONG -82.81147

Last Visit – 12-28-2020

Last updated – 02-27-2022

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This one wasn’t what I expected. After the two upper waterfalls on Log Hollow, my expectations were pretty low, so Upper Discovery was quite a treat. So there are two ways I have reached this waterfall. I am going to give you the directions from Discovery Falls and from Upper Log Hollow Falls 3480 FT.

From Discovery Falls: Backtrack toward FR5043 to about this point 35.32676, -82.80765. You don’t have to be exact but you need to pick a good spot to head away from the river left side of the creek to a place there the climb toward the top of Discovery Falls takes you away from the sheer drop. Briers grow wild on the ridge so be warned. The route to the top of Discovery Falls is going to follow an arcing route, swinging wide and angling back toward the creek once you are above the falls. It will get tricky when you come to the creek a safe distance upstream of the precipice. Follow close to the creek and cross to river right to get a better view of Upper Discovery Falls.

From Upper Log Hollow Falls 3480 Ft: From this waterfall, climb back toward the old road you took on the way in, until you see a narrow drainage on river left. (you’re right if you’re heading upstream) and take this drainage back to the 3600 foot elevation. The overgrown road will come and go but you want to stay at this same elevation to keep above the sheer cliff that forms Discovery Falls. When you make the left and swing around into the drainage, you will see the falls. Getting close is not easy since the banks are very steep.

Regardless of your approach route, the easier way back to your car will be to swing wide left of Discovery Falls and wade through the briers to get below Discovery Falls.