The Waterfalls on FR475B – Pisgah

Cherry Cove Falls – September 2018

Forestry Road 475B also known as Headwaters Road or FR475B is a spur of FR475. One end meets US276 4.7 miles south of the stop sign at the base of the ramp from the Blue Ridge Parkway. This is 10.3 miles North of the intersection in Brevard where 64/280/276 converge. The other end meets FR475 a tenth of a mile past the Fish Hatchery. End to end it stretches 6.6 miles. The end near 276 is straighter while the 475 end is a series of switchbacks. The narrow, winding logging grade provides amazing views of Looking Glass Rock to your left as it follows the side of the ridge. The road is open to two way traffic through use of turnouts, so someone always has to yield. If this is your first time on a logging road, keep this in mind. At certain times of the year, usually in the winter, the road is gated at FR475 so check with the ranger station for road closures to avoid a lengthy backtrack. This scenic gravel road provides access to many waterfalls. The distances are measured from the intersection with US276. Mileage from 475 is in parenthesis.

0.2 Miles (6.4 Miles)

172 – Bennett Cove Falls

245 – Poundingmill Branch Falls

281 – No-Name Cove Falls

282 – Lower Waterfall in Upper Bennett Cove

283 – Middle Waterfall in Upper Bennett Cove

284 – Upper Waterfall in Upper Bennett Cove

285 – Lower Waterfall in Cherry Cove

286 – Middle Waterfall in Cherry Cove

287 – Upper Waterfall in Cherry Cove

326 – Cherry Cove Falls

All of the waterfalls accessed at this trailhead fit into the same category. They are infrequently visited and relatively hard to access. Expect wilderness trail conditions with lots of blowdown and incomplete trails. The staff will tell you there’s no waterfalls here. The trails are not maintained and the clutter on the falls is consistent and not likely to be cleared any time soon. It’s really too bad.

1.6 Miles (5.0 Miles)

011 – Waterfall on Log Hollow Branch

082 – Logging Road Falls

083 – Upper Waterfall on Log Hollow Branch

084 – Discovery Falls

373 – Upper Logging Road Falls

738 – Upper Log Hollow Falls 3600 FT

739 – Upper Log Hollow Falls 3480 FT

740 – Upper Discovery Falls

2.1 Miles

665 – Lower Log Hollow Falls

666 – Middle Log Hollow Falls

2.7 Miles (3.9 Miles)

534 – Big Bearpen Falls

3.2 Miles (3.4 Miles)

FR225 Falls

4.5 Miles (2.1 Miles)

124 – Upper Waterfall on Rockhouse Creek

5.0 Miles (1.6 Miles)

120 – Middle Falls on Rockhouse Creek

121 – Waterfall on Tributary of Rockhouse Creek

917 – Transyvania Falls

5.5 Miles (1.1 miles)

012 – Slickrock Falls

227 – Lower Slick Rock Falls