864 – Grandiose Falls

Accessibility – Moderate+

Height – 30′

Distance – 0.8 (out and back)

Beauty – 7

Photo rating – 5

Solitude – 3

GPS Info: LAT 34.99409 LONG -83.02259

Last Updated – 01-12-2023

Last Visited – 01-01-2022

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Grandiose Falls is a 30 foot freefall and slide on Liumber Pole Creek, downstream of Rock Jaw and Upper Limber Pole Falls

The hike to this one is off trail, and you need to pick the right line to get to the base, which will be on river left.. The parking will be roadside on SC130. There is a pullout at 34.99369, -83.02658. It is the same trailhead parking as Rock Jaw and Upper Limber Pole.

The hike to the falls begins on SC130, heading North (uphill), toward Limber Pole Creek. It is approxamately 0.1 of a mile before you need to hop over the guardrail on your right when facing uphill, and head down the embankment. It is stupid steep at first so choose the easiest place. A steep ridge is going to keep you from going too far left for the first 0.1 of the bushwhack, but once the ridge peters out, you can angle toward Limber Pole Creek to make the crossing around this point 34.9944, -83.02345. There is a noticable route on the other side, and it will swing you away from the falls slightly to get around it. An old road will help get you to the base, but when it fades, the route to the base gets steep, and it takes you downstream, forcing you to head upstream a very short distance to reach the base. The hike is 0.4 miles one way, getting you back to your car in under a mile. If you add this to Rock Jaw and Upper Limber Pole, it makes for a nice couple of hours in the woods with this sweet falling water. There is one more waterfall nearby, but I have not returned to check that one out. It is on the 2023 todo list.