535 – Licklog Branch Falls

Accessibility – Moderate+ (creekwalk)

Height – 75′ (maybe more)

Distance – 1.7 miles (out and back)

Beauty – 5

Photo rating – 3

Solitude – 5

GPS Info: LAT 35.70945 LONG -82.19755

Last Updated – 01-14-2023

Last Visited – 07-30-2021

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Licklog Branch Falls will never be one of my favorites but I do enjoy the hike. It’s a large waterfall, but it doesn’t photograph well. I brought my camera the first time I went, but not the next two. There’s just not a good composition for this one

The trailhead: The trailhead parking is at a wide area along Curtis Creek Road. The GPS location is 35.70509, -82.19093.

The hike: On my first visit I headed up through the field, but on later trips I walked further along Curtis Crek Road. At 1.2 from where I parked, I entered the woods and almost immediately picked up the remnants of the trial. The trail was easy enough to follow, and even if you lose it, the woods are open enough that it doesn’t matter. The way of the land will lead you to the creek at 0.6 from where I suggested to park. From here it is 0.2 of a mile. It has been a mix of creekwalking and hiking on the river right side when it opens up. You do NOT want to try and head higher on river left to get to the falls.

On my first visit, when I arrived there was a couple at the field where the hike can start. They seemed unsure of where they were going, and after asking them if they were heading to Licklog Falls, I told them to follow me. I only had my All-Trails app but it was enough to know where I had to go. Anyway, we got to the creek, and I told them I was going to walk the creek to the falls. The man said they were going to bushwhack up. Whatever, have a nice day. I made it the 0.2 to the falls in less than 10 minutes. I took some pictures, and drank a Gatorade. I tool a few more pictures and went for a swim. The couple was long forgotten by this time. I was at the falls for about 40 minutes. On my way back I got to the point where I began my creekwalk, and who did I see crawling from the rhodos? The mystery couple. One look at them told me it had not been a pleasant journey into the thicket. The last I saw them, they were heading toward the creek to finish the hike.

When my friend Amanda and I hiked this one in 2021, it took us an hour, so as long as you don’t make it hard on yourself, this one isn’t too bad. This one is just not my thing.