642 – The Energizer (Falls)

Accessibility – Hard+

Height – 100′

Distance – 11.8 miles (shuttle)

Beauty – 6

Photo rating – 7

Solitude – 10

GPS Info: LAT 35.10638 LONG -82.92674

First Visit: 08-30-2019

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The Energizer is not on the 500 List but it is one of the waterfalls you will see on a trek down the Toxaway River. Located between Twin Falls and Upper Wintergreen Falls, The Energizer is one of many waterfalls in a section of the Toxaway River called the Narrows. To read about the hike, see The Toxaway River Shuttle. While not even close to the only chute of this type in the narrows, the Energizer is the tallest of the bunch.



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