Waterfalls on FR1206 (Yellow Gap Rd)

Billy Branch Falls – July 2016

NOTE: FR1206 is gated at FR476, 3.3 miles from US276. There is no posted time for it to be reopened. This adds a little bit to Bradley Creek and a lot to the Slate Rock Creek Trailhead. I walked it to Slate Rock Creek TH in December of 2022, and it’s not difficult but it’s not very scenic.

Forestry 1206 (FR1206), also known as Yellow Gap Rd. intersects US276 in Pisgah Forest 11.7 miles North of the intersection in Brevard where 64/280/276 converge. The turn is on the right shortly after passing the entrance to the Cradle of Forestry and the Pink Beds picnic area. If coming from the Blue Ridge, FR1206 is on the left 3.3 miles from the stop sign at the base of the ramp. At certain times of the year FR1206 is gated so check in advance before planning your trip.

Until recently I hadn’t been paying much attention to this area but with my focus again on this area, I will be making more additions to this page in the near future. Thus far I have explored eight waterfalls along FR1206 but there are others that I will be exploring in 2018-19. FR1206 is a gravel service road littered with numerous single lane bridges, so there is a chance you will have to make use of the numerous turn outs. It provides a nice drive through the forest but it lacks the views of nearby FR475B (Headwaters Road). This area is lined with campsites so in the summer months there is a lot of vehicle traffic.

1.3 Miles

040 – Waterfall on Barnett Branch

078 – Middle Falls on Barnett Branch

079 – Upper Falls on Barnett Branch

2.9 Miles

374 – Lower Big Bald Falls

375 – Upper Big Bald Falls

3.2 Miles

327 – Lower Thompson Ridge Falls

328 – Upper Thompson Ridge Falls

3.3 Miles

Intersection with FR476 (gated)

145 – Falls on Billy Branch

150 – High Falls (Pisgah)

4.0 Miles

364 – Bradley Creek Falls

6.8 Miles

080 – Waterfall on Slate Rock Creek

911 – Slate Rock Creek Trib Falls (35.39317, -82.69681)