Chucky Branch and Kinney Branch

This hike can be broken up if you choose, but I am going to present it in the way I completed it. The total distance is 6.2 miles and the elevation gain if about 2000 feet. There are thirteen waterfalls on this hike, seven on Chuckie Branch and six on Kinney Branch. It is an ALL DAY experience to take all this in. Granted there was a lot of picture taking, but out total trek time was close to eleven hours, which had us coming out close to dark since we did the hike on the spring equinox.

One comment on the waterfall names. When we were doing Chucky Branch I was tossing out funny names for each of the falls based on the Chuck theme. They are probably as close to official names as they have. On each indiviual page with the waterfall pictures I included the name and the reason it got that name, which I located in my original Facebook post. The ones on Kinney Branch already had established names. Good thing. Oh my god, You Killed Kinney Falls would have been my first choice.

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Here is a picture of my track. My directions will be vague, but when paired with his map, it will make sense.

Waterfalls on Chucky Branch

795 – Waterfall #1 on Chucky Branch – Chuck Barclay Falls

796 – Waterfall #2 on Chucky Branch – Chuck E Cheese Falls

797 – Waterfall #3 on Chucky Branch – Chuck D Falls

798 – Waterfall #4 on Chucky Branch – Chuck Norris Falls

799 – Waterfall #5 on Chucky Branch – Woodchuck Falls

800 – Waterfall #6 on Chucky Branch – Up Chuck Falls

801 – Waterfall #7 on Chucky Branch – Chuck Liddell Falls

Waterfalls on Kinney Branch

802 – Kinney Branch Falls

803 – Middle Kinney Branch Falls

804 – Upper Kinney Branch Falls

805 – Kinney Kanyon Falls

806 – Divinity Falls

807 – Never-Ending Falls