Wattacoo Creek Waterfalls

Very close to where the trail meets the creek, Waterfall #1 can be seen. Getting to it is fairly easy.

Waterfall #2 is more impressive that #1 and the rock standing upright in the falls is kinda cool

Waterfall #3 required a crossing to get to this vantage and to get above the downfall

Waterfall #4 made my day. The tiny chasm with the waterfall dropping inside it was the best

Waterfall #5 had a huge rockhouse behind me and a nice curve for the water flow

Waterfall #6 was the first of 3 falls very close together

Waterfall #7 is the middle child of these 3 but the way the water spreads out across the rock is great

Waterfall #8 was much nicer than my previous visit where I only got to see it from well downstream

Waterfall #9 has a little bit of everything but the curtain and colored rocks are the highlights

Waterfall #10 has a bit of a downfall problem and compared to the others, it’s kind of plain