Waterfalls on FR477

Waterfall on Avery Creek – March 2015

Forestty Road 477 is located in Pisgah Forest not too far from the ranger station on US276 near the Brevard NC entrance to the park. At certain times of the tear FR477 is gated at the Pisgah Riding Stables, which is before the parking areas for Avery Creek and the Buckhorn Gap Trailheads. If this is gated, it adds more than 1.5 miles total distance to any of the waterfall hikes in this area. If you hiked them all, it would total about seven miles if the road i gated. When travelling in the winter months its a good idea to stop into the ranger station to check on road closures before you do some extra driving. FR477 is a gravel road that for the most part is in decent shape. This road provides access to the riding stables so it is not gated at US276 but open to the bridge near the stables. The right turn when travelling North on US276 from Brevard is 2.1 miles from the light where US64/NC280/US276 meet in Brevard. If you’re coming South from the Blue Ridge Parkway the turn is 12.9 miles from the stop sign at the base of the ramp off the BRP. There are five waterfalls on FR477 that I’ve visited thus far. You could do them all in a day of hiking with the total distance coming in around 8 miles providing the gate is open. If you want to put them all together, I would suggest using a Pisgah Map to determine the best route. If you have to omit one, make it Clawhammer Creek.

The Trailheads

2.2 Miles

Avery Creek Pullout (room for two cars)

2.75 Miles

Buckhorn Gap Parking

034 – Twin Falls (Henry Branch)

060 – Waterfall on Clawhammer Creek

061 – Waterfall on Avery Creek

139 – Alana’s Falls (Waterfall on Unnamed Trib of Henry Branch)

151 – Upper Avery Creek Falls

729 – Power Line Falls

918 – Upper Twin Falls on Henry Branch (Ugly Twin trib)