The Exotic You

Welcome to The Exotic You, where the focus is on you. Ever wondered what it would be like to have paparazzi following you around capturing your every move? At The Exotic You, we give you the chance. Our unique and discrete photography service points the lens and you.

How would you like to give that special someone the ultimate gift? What would your boyfriend or husband say if he came home one night and saw a slideshow of you on the TV? Better still, how would he feel curling up on the couch and seeing you in a series of various adventures? A photo shoot as erotic as you want it to be.

The service we offer includes between 6 and 8 different erotic adventures tailored to your tastes. These photo galleries will range between 80-100 photographs each and will be delivered on a DVD for your viewing pleasure. Would he like to see you hitch-hiking? Exploring a remote waterfall? Taking a break during a mountain biking ride? Or just following you around when you go for a walk. The possibilities are endless. These are some of the photo themes available. You can also make up your own theme(s).

Hitchhiking          Out for a Walk          Candid Changing in the Wild          Waterfall Fun         Cycling Adventure          Lost in the Woods          A Day at the Beach          Going Shopping       Changing Room Peep          Changing in the Car          Hiking          Out for a Run          Bikini Adventures          Kidnapped          Hotel Room          Bondage          Swimming          Skinny-Dipping          Camping          

So how does this work? It’s easy.

  1. Pick your themes (up to 8), design your own or do a little of each. In either case you will end up with approximately 800 pictures for you and your lover to enjoy.
  2. You pick your outfits so they can be as sexy or revealing as you want.
  3. Decide on how far you want each set to go. Underwear, topless, full nude. What do you want to show your lover?
  4. An average photo shoot takes between 4-6 hours depending on the locations, so this is no small undertaking. For many of these adventures I have locations picked out but they can be anywhere you choose.



Privacy Statement: All photographs taken are for your use. They will not be distributed by The Exotic You for any reason without your prior written consent. If you do permit a picture(s) to be used on the site for promotional purposes, it will be agreed upon in advance. All materials will be delivered to you on a DVD. They can be used by you for other purposes as long as they are unaltered. Unaltered is meant to include any modifications including the removal of The Exotic You logo. You can post them freely or use them as part of a modelling portfolio. We will sign an agreement prior to shooting, covering the terms.