Other Hikes

Above the clouds and the BRP – Black Balsam Knob – June 2015

The following links are to the various summits we’ve hiked. Chimney Rock isn’t actually a hike as much as a climb up the steps but there were a lot of them and we had to take them all since the elevator was closed the last time (both times) we were there. Looking Glass Rock was by far my favorite of these hikes. This was due in part to the hike and in part to my obsession with completing it. The first time I was driving up US276 through Pisgah I remember coming around the bend in a road not too far from the pull off for Moore Cove Falls and seeing the imposing granite face. Since that first view, I have wanted to make the hike to the summit but I didn’t an opportunity until July of 2015.

Chimney Rock

Sam Knob Summit

Hanging Rock Summit

Black Balsam Knob Summit

Looking Glass Rock

John Rock

Stone Mountain Summit

Devil’s Courthouse