My To-Do List

Like any waterfall enthusiast, I known where I’ve been. I also know where I want to go next. This page is devoted to my current to-do list. This is an ever-changing list as I find out about a new waterfall and it jumps onto the list. As my goal is to see them ALL, this is my current Top 20 (as of 09-29-2019). They are in no particular order.

    1. Notch Falls
    2. Rainbow Falls (GSMNP)
    3. Grotto Falls (GSMNP)
    4. Ramsay Cascades (GSMNP)
    5. Yucca Falls
    6. Secret Falls (DuPont)
    7. Rachel Creek Dalls
    8. Dick Creek Falls
    9. Chow Ram Falls
    10. Upper Opossum Creek Falls
    11. Laurel Leap Falls
    12. Big Bradley Falls (Base)
    13. Shot Pouch Falls

 * Just added