Carolina Mountain Club WC100 Challenge

I’m hoping to knock out my last two once the roads reopen in the spring. As of 12-22-2019, I have been to 98 of the 100. The to-do list is getting shorter.

  1. Hebron Colony Falls
  2. Upper Creek Falls
  3. Steels Creek Falls
  4. Burnt House Branch Falls
  5. North Harper Creek Falls
  6. South Harper Creek Falls
  7. Little Lost Cove Falls (Upper & Lower)
  8. Hunt Fish Falls
  9. Upper Gragg Prong Falls
  10. Harper Creek Falls
  11. Elk Falls
  12. Linville Falls
  13. Crabtree Falls
  14. Roaring Fork Falls
  15. Setrock Creek Falls
  16. Douglas Falls
  17. High Shoals Falls
  18. Toms Creek Falls
  19. Catawba Falls (Upper and Lower)
  20. Hickory Nut Falls
  21. Pearsons Falls
  22. Bradley Falls
  23. Little Bradley Falls
  24. Twin Falls
  25. Looking Glass Falls
  26. Moore Cove Falls
  27. Log Hollow North (Discovery Falls)
  28. Log Hollow South (Logging Road Falls)
  29. Ceder Rock Creek Falls
  30. Cove Creek Falls
  31. Toms Springs Falls (Daniel Ridge)
  32. Shuck Ridge Creek Falls
  33. Cathey’s Creek Falls
  34. High Falls (South Fork Mills RIver)
  35. Triple Falls
  36. High Falls (Little River)
  37. Bridal Veil Falls
  38. Falls on Long Branch
  39. Second Falls
  40. Upper Falls
  41. Skinny Dip Falls
  42. Lower Sam Branch Falls
  43. Wash Hollow Falls
  44. Eastatoe Falls
  45. Courthouse Falls
  46. Upper Courthouse Falls
  47. Dill Falls (Upper and Lower)
  48. Bird Rock Falls
  49. Whitewater Falls
  50. White Owl Falls
  51. High Falls (Thompson River)
  52. Big Falls (Thompson River)
  53. Turtleback Falls
  54. Drift Falls
  55. Rainbow Falls
  56. Stairway Falls
  57. Wintergreen Falls (Gorges)
  58. Bearcamp Falls (Hilliard Falls)
  59. Schoolhouse Falls
  60. Greenland Creek Falls
  61. Stillhouse Falls
  62. Dismal Falls
  63. West Fork French Broad River Trib (Rhapsodie Falls)
  64. Flat Creek Falls
  65. Wolf Creek Falls (Paradise Falls)
  66. Upper Sols Creek Falls
  67. D.E.W. Falls
  68. Silver Run Falls
  69. Dry Falls
  70. Glen Falls
  71. Picklesimer Rock House Falls
  72. Secret Falls
  73. Scotsman Falls
  74. Rufus Morgan Falls
  75. Big Laurel Falls
  76. Little Fall Branch Falls
  77. Mouse Creek Falls
  78. Mingo Falls
  79. Soco Falls
  80. Rainbow Falls (GSMNP)
  81. Grotto Falls (GSMNP)
  82. Ramsay Cascades (GSMNP)
  83. Enloe Creek Falls (GSMNP)
  84. Moonshine Falls
  85. Raven Cliff Falls
  86. Rainbow Falls (Greenville)
  87. Indian Creek Falls
  88. Middle Falls (Snowbird Creek)
  89. Twin Falls (Pickens SC)
  90. Eastatoe Creek (Heritage Preserve) a.k.a. (Virgina Hawkins Falls)
  91. Brasstown Falls
  92. Issaqueena Falls
  93. King Creek Falls
  94. Lee Falls
  95. Long Creek Falls
  96. Opossum Falls
  97. Rileymoore Falls
  98. Spoonauger Falls
  99. Station Cove Falls
  100. Yellow Branch Falls

3 thoughts on “Carolina Mountain Club WC100 Challenge

  1. Your site is wonderful! My wife and I have seen 400+ waterfalls in the greater Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina area. We too are working the CMC100. You should be aware that the CMC100 list has changed since you created this page, and to your advantage. Their 3/3/2018 list replaces Dismal Falls with Cody Falls (you have already seen it). They also replaced Burnthouse Branch Falls with Bard Falls. I don’t know their rules about completing old challenge lists. You may want to check. Happy Hunting. BTW, where did you get the numbering you used on your page listing all waterfalls by number? Its not KAdams.


  2. Burnthouse Branch is almost impossible to reach via the trail in KAdams. With 200 yards to go it ends with no where to go up and a 70 degree descent down for 30′. Apparently the descent is the correct way to go, but it would be difficult to get back up since there are no handholds, trees, roots or rocks. An alternate route comes in from upstream of Burnthouse Branch that uses the Mountain to Sea trail. Looks way more promising.


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