Blowing Rock

Blowing Rock

The town of Blowing Rock is located close to the Blue Ridge Parkway and US321. At this time I have seven waterfalls listed in this area with several more I intend to seek out in the weeks and months ahead. Six of the waterfalls are clustered near downtown while only the roadside Silvervale Falls is off on it’s own. Even so it is less than 10 miles from the center of town. Three of the falls are location along the Glen Burney Trail which stats in Annie Cannon Park. Two others are accessed off FR4071, a rough logging road 3.4 miles from Main Street accessed via Globe Road.

Annie Cannon Park Waterfalls

The Cascades

Glen Burnuy Falls

Glen Marie Falls

FR4071 Waterfalls

Thunderhole Falls

Lower Thunderhole Falls

Blue Ridge Parkway Waterfall

Hebron Colony Falls

Roadside close to US321

Silvervale Falls